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3 Day Energy Medicine/Esoteric Healing training

6-8 June

Anahata, Wilderness, Garden Route

Energy Medicine is multi-faceted, and our goal is to assist the client in removing the causes of ailments by clearing the energy lines/nadis/meridians, energizing and balancing the chakras, cleaning and healing the aura and ultimately helping them to understand what thoughts, feelings, beliefs and other aspects of their lifestyle are contributing to their condition.


In the three day Energy Medicine module from Tuesday to Thursday, we start with a day of self healing, self study, self mastery, and then complete two days of healing techniques for working on others.


An optional Reiki Level 1 module is offered on the Monday, the day before the 3 day course. Reiki Level 2 is also optional and offered on the Friday.


Monday 5 June  (optional)
Introduction to Reiki, Level 1 Attunements.

Reiki is one of the best known traditions of Energy Medicine, and is easily accessible for most people who have not had experience in working with energy. Being part of the Reiki lineage and community can be a very strong support for your work in energy healing. This module is optional as many people have received the Reiki attunements by now.


Tuesday 6 June
The Jewel in the Lotus. Self Mastery practices and philosophy in Tantra, The Tao and the work of Carl Jung - archetypes and shadow.
Understanding the energy/chi field, “the mind of God”, and the way our thoughts and emotions influence our health and well being and the science of consciousness, “your biography becomes your biology.”

Self Love and the Seven Chakras - exploring how our programming and conditioning, our contracts and agreements affect our lives. Calling back your power and spirit into each energy center in the body.

Learn some Modern and Ancient Self healing techniques and practices, including medical qi gong.
Understanding the Wounded Healer and The Helper Archetypes and protecting against healer burnout.


Wednesday 7 June
Training for energy healers, somatic therapists and body-workers.
Learn to feel, see, play and work with energy.
Esoteric Healing techniques from modern and ancient/arcane mystery schools. Develop your natural gift of healing and share it with others.
Cleaning Auras, Balancing Chakras, Polarity Therapy, Touch for Health


Thursday 8 June
Advanced Esoteric Healing and Somatic Bodywork/body-mind healing.
Releasing Mental and Emotional and other Energy Blocks held in the body.


Friday 9 June

Reiki. Level 2 Attunements and practice. Reiki symbols and distant healing


5 Day Training: R 3500 (Monday to Friday, includeds Reiki 1 & 2)

3 Day Training: R2400 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

Individual Days: R800.



You can attend any day as a separate module.

Limited accommodation is available

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