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Cranio Sacral Therapy with
Amanda Metta 
24 - 26 October

Enhance your bodywork skill with CranioSacral Therapy.

The class introduces CranioSacral Therapy, and how to use it in a bodywork or healing session.

This class serves to develop intuition with regard to the deeper messages of the body and initiating somatic release.


Suitable for anyone with an interest in the subtle bodywork arts.

Guaranteed to deepen your bodywork practice by several degrees.

What makes this class unique is the small group size and intimate setting which assures personal attention. Class participants walk away with confidence and a deepening of themselves as individuals, as well as practitioners.


You will learn:

- What is CranioSacral Therapy.
- When to use CST.
- Effective CST techniques.
- Deepened bodywork intuition.
- Giving a voice to the body.
- Nurturing healing time on the table for yourself.
- How to stay neutral.
- Fun meditation techniques.
- Fresh perspective on healing.


What others say:
"The course is absolutely beautiful, enlightening, and encouraging in not only one's self-journey but in the positive aspect of being a massage therapist." - Marika

"Amanda's energy has been so refreshing and she is truly gifted at what she does." - Crystal

"This was an extremely enlightening course intro. "

"There is still much to be learned, but this motivates me to continue my education and explore CranioSacral Therapy on a deeper level. Amanda, you have a wonderful teaching ethic and I am grateful to have met you. You seem to know a lot about this modality and that motivates me to further my practice." -Shelloi

"Amanda is smart, kind, creative and a terrific teacher." - Chris


Contribution is R3000 for 3 days of bodywork (20 hours NCBTMB CEUs, applicable for your massage license renewal.)

WhatsApp +1 928 274 5942

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