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*Back To Essence*
A 5 Day Somatic Movement Retreat - Hosted by Tevy Pires

Movement is medicine and a free experience to connect with our wisdom body and the cosmic mover within us.

BACK TO ESSENCE - SOMATIC MOVEMENT RETREAT is an opportunity to expand your movement vocabulary but also just been mindful and aware of the different pathways in the body to find more fluidity and generate presence.

Wild and Well this movement retreat is a dynamic combination of expression, and the curiosity to re-discover or access the body. The intention is to come as you are and during our time weaving together we will have different modalities such as:

- Somatic Movement Explorations
- Yoga Sessions
- Qigong Sessions
- Gentle Movement Technics sessions
- Joints Care Sessions/Understanding Body Feedback
- Joints, articulations, spine, breathework  sessions
- Activation sessions/building tools to activate the body

In this somatic movement retreat we will travel through detailed initiation and exploration of the individual parts of the body to initiate a full body movement flow from these singular points. Through movement we come back home, through movement we release trapped energies and shape shift them, through movement we make more space for creation, through movement we experience the full spectrum of life, through movement we allow playfulness, curiosity, groundness and simply learn to drop into the body, through movement we come back to essence aligning the mind with the power of the wisdom body.

Get back to your essence with: Committed and Devoted Facilitators, Deep Container, Nourishing Food, Vibrant Community, Dreamy Location, Cozy Accommodation, all included on ticket fee.

Cost: 2500 Early Bird
         2800 from 1rst Feb

Join us for 5 Days of transformation and revitalization. To Book Now or find more about accommodation details please contact or


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