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As a bodywork therapist with over 30 years experience in massage and energy healing, I now specialize in Chi Nei Tsang, and even though I still incorporate deep tissue, Thai massage and  esoteric healing in some of my sessions, my main focus is always  to first unlock the magic and power of the abdomen – restoring the function of the organs, intestines and endocrine system, and the “lower brain”,  known as the Tantien in Chinese medicine and martial arts, through the art and science of Chi Nei Tsang.  This therapy also tones the nervous, respiratory, reproductive and cardio-vascular systems and is also very effective in assisting clients to let emotions unfold and process, and can clear blocked emotional energy and traumatic cellular memories from the past.


Undergoing the training in the setting of a retreat allows the therapist to experience the full benefits of the therapy themselves with the support of a container held by fellow therapists in which to process any of their own deeply held emotions and to be present for one another during this period of releasing old patterns and rejuvenating your physical, emotional and mental being.


The daily program includes  morning qi gong, yoga and other energy medicine practices for self healing, as well as evening guided meditations to clear emotionally charged memories, inner child healing, past life regression,  meeting your future self and meeting the ascended masters.  The course includes a full text, photo and video manual, and the Healer’s Handbook, a guide for energy healers.  Certificates will be issued.


New Forest Sanctuary Retreat Center,  Natal Midlands


Full board provided, healthy meals, broths and detox juices.

Shared rooms (includes all meals and course fees)   R6600

Private room (includes all meals and course fees) R8000

Locals attending:  (No accommodation or meals)  R4750


All fees are subject to a R500 early bird discount for bookings made before 4 February

Chi Nei Tsang – Toaist Abdominal Massage

Therapists Training  Retreat

Kwazulu-Natal Midlands, 4 – 8 March 2019

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