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Chi Nei Tsang Training
Plettenberg Bay
0 Oct - 3 Nov

Toaist Abomominal Detox Massage

5 day somatic bodywork training in Harkerville.
(near Plettenberg Bay)

Learn and experience the ancient Taoist art and science of abdominal massage to release toxic chi and unexpressed emotions held by the vital organs and intestines.


We hold all our unprocessed emotions in our bellies, and energetic cysts may form in our organs and intestines when this is compounded by stress, bad posture, breathing and dietary habits and environmental toxins.


CNT can restore the function of the organs and bring about a reversal of chronic ailments, both physical and psychological, assisting in emotional detoxing and even allow major catharsis of long held emotions and traumas.


Attending this training also allows the student practitioner to experience the full benefit of this deep healing journey through physical and emotional regeneration in a container of safety and support.


As a somatic bodyworker, energy healer and massage therapist with over 37 years of experience, CNT is now my most often requested modality by clients, and my preferred way of addressing the real causes of our physical and emotional problems. I share with my students my unique way of combining my knowledge of the emotional and physical body to bring about a lasting change in the lives of my clients.


For a lot more about chi nei tsang, please visit this page:


Cost of training R5000
Early booking discounts available
Book by 30 September - R4000
Book by 15 October - R4500


This is a foundation course and accessible to those who don't have experience in massage, although previous massage or somatic therapy experience is recommended. You will learn how to help the organs and intestines regain their proper function, allowing the body to heal itself.

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