Energy Medicine
Cape Town
6 - 8 December 2021

Called bio-electricity in some Western studies, Prana in India, Chi in China, Ki in Japan, the Holy Spirit by Christians, and many other names in other indigenous cultures, we are talking about the basic life force that animates our bodies.


Our fundamental approach in energy medicine is to become aware of the world of energy in and around our bodies, minds and feelings. Words and concepts such as the aura, chakras, energy lines, meridians, etheric field, all describe this energy field on the personal level, and on the wider universal level, the matrix, the quantum field, and even called the Mind of God, by Einstein.

This quantum field, of sub-atomic energy, has been shown to respond to the thoughts and expectations of researching scientists. It is influenced by all the other levels of energy, from gross to subtle. Everything is interrelated. Everything affects everything else, but can also be separated into different systems, fields or levels of density of energy.


The Chakra system describes the different densities or dimensions of our existence.

Energy Medicine is multi-faceted, and our goal is to assist the client in removing the causes of ailments by clearing the energy lines/nadis/meridians, energizing and balancing the chakras, cleaning and healing the aura and ultimately helping them to understand what thoughts, feelings, beliefs and other aspects of their lifestyle are contributing to their condition.


Monday 6 December
~ Self practice, self study, self love, self healing, self mastery.
~ Learning to feel, see, play and work with energy. Understanding the energy/chi field, “the mind of God”, and the way our thoughts and emotions influence our health and well being. “Your biography becomes your biology.” ~Learn some Modern and Ancient Self healing techniques and practices, including medical qi gong.
~Self Mastery – Self Love, Energy Management and the Seven Chakras - exploring how our programming and conditioning, our contracts and agreements affect our lives. Calling back your power and spirit into each energy center in the body.
~The Wounded Healer and Shadow Archetypes of Helpers. Inner child healing.
~What are Samskaras? Scar and wound healing.
~“there’s nothing wrong with you that can’t be fixed by what’s right with you.” ~ Following your bliss, finding your life’s purpose.


Tuesday 7 December.
Training for energy healers, somatic therapists and body-workers.
~Energy Healing/Esoteric Healing techniques from modern and ancient/arcane mystery schools.
~Basic Esoteric Healing – Cleaning Auras, Balancing Chakras, Polarity Therapy.
~Develop your natural healing gift, and share it with others.


Wednesday 8 December.
~Advanced Esoteric Healing,
~Somatic Bodywork/body-mind healing.
Releasing Mental and Emotional and other Energy Blocks held in the body.


2 Day Training: R2000
Individual Days: R800
I offer Reiki Attunements to my students before or after the course on a one to one basis. Level 1, 2 or 3.

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