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Monday 6 December
~ Self practice, self study, self love, self healing, self mastery.
~ Learning to feel, see, play and work with energy. Understanding the energy/chi field, “the mind of God”, and the way our thoughts and emotions influence our health and well being. “Your biography becomes your biology.” ~Learn some Modern and Ancient Self healing techniques and practices, including medical qi gong.
~Self Mastery – Self Love, Energy Management and the Seven Chakras - exploring how our programming and conditioning, our contracts and agreements affect our lives. Calling back your power and spirit into each energy center in the body.
~The Wounded Healer and Shadow Archetypes of Helpers. Inner child healing.
~What are Samskaras? Scar and wound healing.
~“there’s nothing wrong with you that can’t be fixed by what’s right with you.” ~ Following your bliss, finding your life’s purpose.


Tuesday 7 December.
Training for energy healers, somatic therapists and body-workers.
~Energy Healing/Esoteric Healing techniques from modern and ancient/arcane mystery schools.
~Basic Esoteric Healing – Cleaning Auras, Balancing Chakras, Polarity Therapy.
~Develop your natural healing gift, and share it with others.


Wednesday 8 December.
~Advanced Esoteric Healing,
~Somatic Bodywork/body-mind healing.
Releasing Mental and Emotional and other Energy Blocks held in the body.

2 Day Training: R2000
Individual Days: R800
I offer Reiki Attunements to my students before or after the course on a one to one basis. Level 1, 2 or 3.

Bookings: Via Eft or: