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Energy Medicine
Prince Albert

13 -15 October 2023

1 day self love, self healing, self mastery workshop

2 day energy medicine and esoteric healing workshop

This weekend energy medicine training has an optional day of self healing, self love and self mastery on the Friday

Friday 13 October 2023

The Jewel in the Lotus

 Self Love, Self Healing, and Self Mastery


Drawing from the ancient traditions of Buddhism and Taoism and modern process and depth psychology, archetypes and shadow work.


Learn some practical methods for improving your vitality and moods and remembering or renewing your sense of purpose and meaning in life.


Introduction to Energy Medicine, Prana, Chi, thoughts, feelings in the electro-magnetic field - Einstein’s “Mind of God”


Self Love and the Seven Chakras, exploring the ways that power is lost in each chakra through contracts and agreements and ways to call back and regain personal power.


Tantric and Taoist philosophy and practices for body, mind, breath, chi and spirit.


              Saturday 14 October - Esoteric Healing

Learn esoteric healing techniques from modern and ancient/arcane mystery schools.


Develop your natural gift of healing and share it with others.

Clean auras, balance chakras, and apply the basics of polarity therapy and Touch for Health techniques.


Understand the shadow aspects of the Wounded Healer and The Helper archetypes to prevent burn out.


            Sunday 15 October - Somatic Bodywork


Release mental and emotional and other energy blocks held in the body. These blocks, also called sanskaras, or latent impressions, are caused by stress, toxins, lack of exercise, unprocessed traumas and emotional repression and can include ancestral wounds and genetic memories passed down from one generation to the next.


The Friday and the 2 day weekend workshops can be attended separately.

Friday: R900
Weekend workshop: R1700

3 day training: R2500

Early bird discount of 10%: book by 1 October


Accommodation at Simply Saffron Prince Albert
R400 per night shared room
R600 per night for private room
R900 per night for ensuite.

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