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The Heart of Healing


Weekend Workshop

Muizenberg, Cape Town, 9 - 10 December 2023, 10 am - 6pm

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Self Mastery, Self Love and Self Healing

in Zen, Tantra, The Tao, and Archetypes - Shadow & Light


Drawing from ancient and modern philosophies and practices, join us in a weekend immersion into self study, self inquiry and self mastery. Discover ways of turning your stumbling blocks into stepping stones, your life experiences into fertilizer for personal growth and your search for meaning into a personal spiritual practice.



Understand how we lose personal power in each of our energetic centres through traumas, agreements and contracts, and learn how to regain, reclaim & call back your power using the power of the coherent heart.



Explore the essence of Jungian archetypes & the shadow aspects of our survival strategies where much our personal power lies hidden. Reclaim, regain and restore your inherent knowledge of who you are and your sense of self.



Tibetan Tantra & Taoist philosophy and practices, including cultivating sexual energy for vitality and personal growth. Self practice and the circulation of heaven and earth chi in your own body-mind is a pre-requisite for dual cultivation with a colleague or partner. Balancing your own male and female essence to raise consciousness in the central channel for self realization and liberation.



Beyond healing to wellness. There is no problem. Beyond method and practice. Simplicity and ease – the non-arising of concurrent causes. Arresting the discriminating mind.


The weekend will include cathartic breathwork, medical qi gong & guided meditations

Cathartic Breathwork is based on the Holotropic Breathwork practice that was pioneered by Stanislav and Christina Grof to replicate the therapeutic work they were doing with LSD.  

The method comprises of intensified breathing, evocative music and focused body work. The general effect is advocated as a non-specific amplification of a person's psychic process, which facilitates the psyche's natural capacity for healing. Practitioners are encouraged to further explore their insights in creative writing and drawing, and in group process work.
The goal is to allow access to non-ordinary states for the purpose of self-exploration and is further facilitated by the integration of insights from modern consciousness research, anthropology, various depth psychologies, transpersonal psychology, Eastern spiritual practices, and mystical traditions of the world


Facilitated by Hendrik van der Merwe (Zendrik), who has been a student of Buddhist practices and philosophy for 40 years. He is a trained Sivananda Yoga teacher, Reiki Master and Chi Nei Tsang specialist and has conducted couples retreats, self mastery workshops and offered and taught somatic therapy in many locations throughout the world.


Weekend Workshop fee:  R1800

R1700  - Early bird - book by 24 November

Saturday only - R950
- Self Love and the 7 Chakras
- Archetypes and Shadow
- Medical Qi Gong
- Guided Meditations

Sunday only - R950
Philosophy and Practice
- Tibetan Tantra
- The Tao
- Ch'an / Zen
- Guided Meditations
- Cathartic Breathwork

Quicket ticket link:

Contact me for booking via an EFT.   /   0723379005


Bring pen and notebook

You own lunch

(Restaurants are close by for the lunch break)

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