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New Paradigm Relationships

Holistic Relationships Workshop, Cape Town,

19 October 2019

You are the source of Love. Encounter your unlimited, complete and whole soul-awareness. Meet, on equal terms, the Gods and Goddesses, Divine Sparks and Other Yous - the assembled devotees gathered to celebrate Existence as Love.


This talk, discussion and playshop will include an introduction to a new way of looking at our relationships with friends, partners, lovers and the community as a whole. There will also be self practice, partner and group exercises and play, movement, sound and meditation.


This workshop is fully clothed with optional levels of physical intimacy. We will discuss and practice setting boundaries and consensual agreements.


10 am - 5 pm. Bring finger food for lunch, Vegetarian Indian Dinner included.

Cost: R500 per person/R800 for two.


To want to connect to the all, and be in a natural flow, embracing the love of freedom and the freedom to love is after all the goal of our sadhana. How do we integrate our human and romantic love withvdivine love?


Relationships Within Relationships can lead us towards the next step in the evolution of human consciousness, a higher state that includes telepathy and empathy, and true communion and community.


Defining our sexual relationships as polyamorous or monogamous is not the goal, or an end, our clear aim should remain self knowledge and liberation, and how our interactions with others must lead towards a collective woke consciousness, community, connectivity, authenticity and integrity.


New, and Ancient. From the Future and the Past. A new paradigm today for our society and communities. Prepare for relationships within relationships, it is the key to the evolution of human consciousness. Telepathy, empathy, collective awareness. A possible trigger for all of us brought up on the prince-charming fairy tales, dramatic soap operas, and our socially and religiously sanctioned marriages and nuclear families. This is a more esoteric approach to a new way of relating, to your partner(s), to your friends, and to your community. Many of us are struggling to find ways to be free, and open and heart centered, and in a committed and honest relationship at the same time.

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