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New Paradigm Relationships

You are the source of Love. Encounter your unlimited, complete and whole soul-awareness. Meet, on equal terms, the Gods and Goddesses, Divine Sparks and Other Yous - the assembled devotees gathered to celebrate Existence as Love.


This playshop will include self practice, partner and group exercises and play, movement, sound, meditation, and dance! A cacao based elixir will be served. This workshop is fully clothed with optional levels of physical intimacy.


We will discuss and practice setting boundaries and consensual agreements, and we will explore yin/yang polarities within ourselves and in our interactions, and embark on an adventure in group dynamics, movement, dance and conscious touch.


Introducing polyamory and compersion as spiritual practice. Opening up the love experience towards one's community. Conscious relationships within relationships, is holistic polyamory.

It's complex. We have a relationship with our partner (or "primary"). We have a relationship to their relationship with another person, and we have a relationship with that other person. In a triangle there are thus 9 relationships.  When all these relationships are integrated, there is holistic polyamory.


If it's poly-agony, or poly-fuckery, it's not polyamory.


Never forgetting that your intimate relationship(s) also affect other people and the whole community. Being aware of the ripples we make as we wade into the water. Avoiding poly-fuckery and facing possible poly-agony, and then through doing the inner work maybe experiencing polyamory, which is one way to arrive at or prepare for holistic monogamy, void of distrust, jealousy and attachment.


Polyamory and compersion are about the journey from the personal to the universal, from an exclusive and possessive love towards all inclusive oneness. If you can master the triangle, (sacred geometry), the circle becomes easier. The triangle is like a training wheel. This applies to love relationships but also friendships and family bonds.


Holistic polyamory is reliant on emotional intelligence, and can be very challenging for some people, yet it is an attractive idea, because we are multifaceted beings, relate to different people in different ways, and the truth of the matter is that we are all one. To want to connect to the all, and be in a natural flow, embracing the love of freedom and the freedom to love is after all the goal of our sadhana, and is also possible with all your clothes on and without intimacy with anybody other than you and the universe. Tantra is not about sex. But it includes it. It allows it. And uses the life force that it represents.


Of course if you meet that person that totally entrances you on all levels, pursue and embrace it. Your luck, and good karma, or chosen life path. It is almost everybody's dream, but is rare, and can lead to boredom it not regenerated with practices such as tantra and a continued communion through the heart and all seven chakras.


In the recent past we still went through life making the most of one chance of love in one lifetime. In traditional arranged marriages one loves the one you marry, not marry the one you love. The speeding up of time and accelerated evolution has brought us to living several "lifetimes" in one lifetime, and often working through serial marriages/relationships, and possibly now leading us to live several lifetimes simultaneously. We are all in complex intertwined relationships anyway, with this person's ex, or their children. Let's just make them conscious and honest and truthful. Holy relationships as A Course In Miracles calls them. Seeing all as your brother or sister.


The great and deeper truth is that we seek to be free, and love and connect.


Much of our collective Tantric and sex-positive cultural expansion at present is all about shedding guilt and shame around our bodies and sexual nature. Holistic polyamory is not about sex-(addiction) or the avoidance of commitment and intimacy, but about a higher dimensional consciousness, and emotional and spiritual evolution.


Relationships Within Relationships can lead us towards the next step in the evolution of human consciousness, a higher state that includes telepathy and empathy, and true communion and community.

It can be a brutal process, (Poly-agony), sometimes feeling that the heart is tearing open. A cage has to be broken somehow. Or shall we gently unlatch the gate-less gate. Hearts and minds without borders will lead us to the next level, fearless, and courageous. Baby steps, or one giant leap?


In some ways, when you make love with someone you are also communing with the energy of all their lovers, present and past. This is the point against promiscuity. Can you handle all that knowledge and different energies? Sexual healers, dakas and dakanis, have to be of a very high vibration to transmute all into light. To them,“Poison and nectar are both "empty of self nature.”


We have to add, the Tibetan Vajrayana and other traditional tantric practices are often practiced in celibacy, and almost entirely inner and multi-dimensional. Our obsession with sex (and love), in the west, and in almost every non-indigenous culture, is quickly hitched to the tantra wagon, and neo-tantra is almost entirely about sex and relationships. It is what we are interested in, what electrifies us. However....

Sexual Relationships, Poly or Mono is not the goal, or an end, our clear aim should remain self knowledge and liberation, and how our interactions with others must lead towards a collective conscious awareness, community, connectivity, authenticity and integrity.


Workshop fee: R600 pp. R1000 per couple. R1200 / 3 persons

Cacao elixir included
bring food and drinks to share

Book via eft or:

   Medicine Tantra by The Heart of Healing
        Sunday 21 August, 11 am to 5 pm
               Sunset Beach, Cape Town

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