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Poems and Songs

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

The Crystal

If you want to be like a crystal,

To see and reflect the world as it is,

Then discard your memories,

Give up your imagination,

And stop having an opinion…

about everything!

To reach the pinnacle of life’s potential,

To find out what is actually real.

Go to the very limit of the logical rational mind,

Then leave that behind.

And step into the unknown,

- the unknowable

The undivided mind cannot be grasped,

Or apprehended,


Or perceived,

By the divided mind.

Give up duality,

It’s two-timing you,

And slip into

That space in-between the knower and the known,

the observer and the observed,

Until there is only



There is no one to be liberated



The way it is, is the way it is, is the way it is, is the way it is.

Allow this moment’s perfection,

Then you can shape the next one.

There’s been a slight misunderstanding.

Life is not that demanding,

Yet it seems as if,

We like to resist,

And persist,

And insist,

NO, rather like THIS.

And the more we struggle,

Clear becomes muddle.

And we forget.

So we make up a story,

Mostly ‘bout pain and glory.

Moaning Myrtles and Drama Queens,

Did we forget?

That …

The way it is, is the way it is, is the way it is, is the way it is.

Allow this moment’s perfection.

And participate in the next one.

Kulu Ta ma’am, kulu ta ma’am

It’s all good, it’s all good.

And together we shape this next moment.

Along with the birds and the bees,

Mother Earth and trees.

And as we engage in the hologram.

To become…

A family man,

A hooligan,

Or someone’s nan.

Don’t forget,

That the ground of your being,


Will never die.

The way it is, is the way it is, is the way it is, is the way it is.

Allow this moment’s perfection.


your liberation.


If you sit down,

with your back straight

wipe off that frown,

and concentrate

on your breathing

without dreaming

of another time

or another place

and what I wish was mine

in the rat race,


if I let go of the grasping,

and the running away.

from what 'they' might say


If I start by asking

'is there another way?'

to handle ...come what may.


I will be shown

and not for me alone

the taste of the fragrant hue

of the silent touch

beyond which there isn't much

to long for.... or desire,

nothing more to acquire

resting in infinity,

glancing into eternity.


If this world is a dream,

are you the dreamer,

or the dream?

Wake up O inter-galactic time traveler,

rekindle the fire in your heart,

De-code the secrets of your DNA.

...and all things will be made possible unto you

All your dreams come true.

All your dreams come true.

And together we weave this consensual spell,

of what can and can't become,

for, as we agree,

So it will be.

Timeless Moment

in moment-less time that stretches out backwards and forwards

into infinity looping around

and pivoting

on THIS Timeless Moment There is nothing to hold onto nothing to seek or find The indestructible diamond (of pure consciousness) is not a thing and is only mine, when I am not holding onto anything not defining the edges and parameters of my being and allowing the porous membrane of my skin to dissolve hearts and minds without borders lead us out of time and into this

perfect timeless moment

A love so fierce

What we’re looking for, is….

A Love so fierce

As to defy

Any response

Other than,…

The unconditional

If you look at your lover,

And you know,

There’s no holding on

It’s a letting go,

… and going along for the ride

A love of such inspiration

it defies all imagination

A love so fierce

You’d shit in your pants

This is no ordinary romance

But the final frontier

That draws near

When we dare to enter

A love with no fear

A love this fierce

An aim so clear

A vigilant,

unremitting gaze

Into the mirror-eyes

And the unknown depth

Of your own soul.

A love so fierce

As to defy

All of time and space

Karmic slate and last tears

Erased without a trace

As we engage in

A love this fierce

Defying any response

Other than…

The unconditional

Liquid sounds unfolding down my spine

I am awed and humbled

by what happens to me

when our eyes engage

...worlds open up to me

I can so clearly see

the real me

As we hold the space

of this embrace-less


This meeting of the one mind

with itself,

her-self or him-self

Or ... self-less?

No bigger ecstasy

could it be this simple

look upon another as thyself

and revealed to you…

the soul of life?

Like fools, poised on the precipice,

About to hurl ourselves into the abyss,

With total trust,

And total fear,

You look at me as if to say,

Where to from here?

Baby steps I say,

learn to swim,

learn to fly.

But one step

is all it takes, say.

Baby step or giant leap,

the journey begins.

I might seem to be the professor here.

Been walking the line between

love and freedom.

I know it's there,

I've had a glimpse,

it's true

it does exist

And yet,

as you prepare me for the journey,

Checking my gear,

my neuron-circuits,

my luminous egg

I know that

We are both beginners here

this is a new adventure

of heart and soul

body and mind

New sensations to observe

a new dharma

and a re-activation

of the 12 strand spiral DNA

In paradise regained

we remain

in the inner light,



Your eyes, wide open

Gazing, silent and deep

Into me.

With no fear or favour

Just presence

And vast, unlimited space

With no past, and no future

and with nothing between us

We both dissolve

Into this moment

And are left with just presence…

…And vast unlimited space.

Wild woman, mystery girl

Ancient and timeless,

Nymph and Goddess

Have you come to teach me

What I’ve always known

Have you come to remind me

That you’re already inside me

In my own wild, untamed

And passionate heart

Bossy Girlfriend

Getting bossy?

I am bossy,

she says,

with a charming grin

But you can boss me in the bedroom,

she says, as long as I can have my way

everywhere else.

Big mouth,

expressive lips disarming me,

Catching me in the trap

This is exactly what she wants

The dance of two control freaks

who both want to be tied up,

and spanked!

Both surrendering to the other

In a silent soft, melting gaze

neither, for a moment


the ultimate goal-less goal

Frog and Birdsong

to the accompaniment of frog and birdsong

in a temple of trees and cascading streams

we were lovers

demonstrating love

to the tourists

who came by

and saw us on our rock

gazing into and fondling

each other

without pause we continued

our courtship ritual


we held sacred

our moment of truth

your pale blue eyes wide open

my fingers brushing lightly

over your hardening,

bright pink nipples

Are we on schedule, on route?


north, south

east and west.

where are we going?

what are we heading for?

anybody got any idea?


We are reaching for a new dimension.

the state we’re looking for

is a state of mind.

use your inner radar

set your sights

take aim and let go

...are you the arrow or the bow?

entering this multi-lingual jam session

role-playing is allowed

but don’t take it too seriously

or superciliously

'cause no-one is an island

and the tide recedes

to reveal

underlying unity

entangled, co-mingling

but only love please

heaven won’t let no sinners in

dare to play

In this new world


Do the dimensional shift

Here nothing can touch you

perfect from the very beginning

dropping, shedding

shrugging off

the layers of conditioning

the layers of agreement and compromise

shrugging off the layers of

mistaken identity

leaving it all behind

changing your pace

transcending the rat race

anyway, nobody gives a shit

about who you are

how much money you make

what do you do?

about what? you say

the in-breath follows

from the out-breath

the next step follows

one upon another

so, breathing deeply

and stepping forward

into the beat

the beat that you can hear

and feel and see

as you open your eyes

and look around

engaging in the quantum field

marveling as you recognize

your thoughts

in the things you hear

and feel and see

this is instant karma

you don’t have to wait around

for lifetimes

or a year

no time delay

no slow-mo repay

but sowing and reaping

in one day

one moment

right now

leting go of the old

dropping, shedding

shrugging off

unneeded baggage, and

burdens from the shoulders

your burden is light my friend

your burden is Light

let it shine

brightly scintillating colors

of chakra light

auric fields blending

down to the core

and into the spiral galaxies

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