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Medicine Tantra

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Hosted by Zen and Kali

                  Sacred Union 

One Day Workshop for Couples

         Saturday 12 October 2019

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The essence of Tantra is integration and transformation and today tantra has also become a buzz word for connection and authenticity. Can you be true to yourself and to your relationship? Can you freely express the primal force of your sexual energy while being in alignment with your heart and mind and your partner?

A one day retreat/experience for couples who want to deepen and enrich their connection to themselves and to each other in a healing journey through tantra, massage and energy healing, partner yoga and conscious archetypal process work.

Our program includes:

• A short introduction to Hindu and Buddhist Tantric traditions.

• Partner Yoga for deepening our stretches and entering into a non-verbal dialogue to harmonize and align with each other.

• Tantric meditations and exercises including eye gazing and chakra toning, aligning and merging practices.

• A playshop in interchangeable Yin/Yang dynamics with movement and dance, exploring surrender, vulnerability and trust.

• Tantric healing touch and pressure point massage techniques to release mental, emotional and sexual energy blockages.

• Tibetan Pulsing (Hara or womb pulsing). Helps release deeply held emotional blockages in the abdomen.

Divine Woman, Divine Man. Much of our work in sexuality and relationships is in celebrating once again the sacred power of the feminine. However, we need to step into a new appreciation of our complete divine nature, in order to hold space for the other to do the same, celebrating and embracing both the Divine Masculine, and Divine Feminine within ourselves and each other. To give birth to a new state of consciousness, you have to become like a woman. Every great teacher has been "like a woman", soft and gentle. Look into the eyes of your woman, and become like her, become feminine, have a womb, gestate, give birth, nurture. To fertilize your own creativity, productivity and embodiment, become like a man. Penetrate, inspire, initiate.

Cost. R1000 per couple. Includes Vegetarian Indian Dinner. Please bring finger food for lunch.
Contact us for booking details.  EFT or Quicket

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