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Self Mastery Workshop

Self Love and the Seven Chakras

14 February

10 am to 4 pm

The Love Temple,



Medicine Tantra

Only self practice - no partner work

     Will I be

My Valentine?

Exploring the power of the heart in calling back your spirit and reestablishing your authentic self in the world; in your relationships, your health, vitality and primal energies.

This one day intensive is aimed at providing you with the experiences and the tools to manage your energy centers. Your life force/chi, is needed for the health of your organs and intestines, the harmony of your moods, and for the journey of awareness and awakening. Many of our spiritual traditions focus on only the "higher" centers. The Tantric path of integration works with all seven, and there is no "lower and higher" centers. In this workshop we will be calling back our lost power, re-negotiating or reprogramming our contracts and agreements in each center, and freeing up the energy for creativity, health and well-being, remembering and manifesting our true purpose.

Our goal is the embodiment of spirituality. Making everyday life sacred, making the sacred "ordinary".

A short introduction to the Vajrayana of Tibetan Buddhism and the Shivaite Tantric tradition of Hinduism will be given. There will also be a discussion on ways of cultivating sexual energy for health and longevity in the Toaist tradition.

This is a workshop for individuals. Our program includes selected practices from yoga, medical qi gong and energy-medicine and breathwork to assist the cleansing of our energy pathways, and other practical exercises to activate and balance personal energy.

There will be some self study and an exploration of how we lost and how to regain our personal power in each of the centers, and how to activate the will in alignment with the higher/divine self.  Bring a notepad for two exercises.

The guided meditations and visualizations of this workshop will include focusing on the inner child and relationships, a simulated dream journey into the subconscious and working with animal and nature spirit medicine to search for and find hidden treasures in the psyche, a past life regression and meeting your future self.

A cacao based heart opening elixir will be served.


Please bring a packed lunch/snacks, or have lunch from the menu at The Love Temple restaurant.

This is a “white tantra” event, and all exercises are clothed and all the exercises can be performed without having any physical contact with anybody else. We will explore the health and energetics of our own personal system, and practice being completely centered within while we engage in the dance between individuality and the cosmos. The All is in the One. The One is in the All.

Zendrik has been teaching Tantra Workshops for Couples, groups and individuals for 9 years. He approaches Tantra, sexuality and relationships from the point of view of a healer. Medicine Tantra is about removing the veils that obscure our true nature, and releasing the energetic blockages in our physical, emotional and mental bodies. Tantra is a personal journey, your relationship with yourself, the ordinary and the divine. The more you are centered within yourself, the more you are able to have a balanced and conscious relationship with another.

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