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Thai Massage Training Retreat, South Africa

18 - 29 November

LaVera Retreat, Hoogekraal,

Garden Route, South Africa

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Optional one or two week training course. The full 10 day (2 5-day weeks) is the foundation training that will enable you to do a professional Thai Massage, but the first 5 day week can be attended as an intro to Thai Massage. Optional super organic plant based menu options provided from their gardens.


5 Day introduction course: 18 - 22 November R3000


Full 10 Day Training - R6000.

18 - 29 November.


Weekend off: 23-24 November.


Accommodation options:

Camping. R90 PER PERSON per night

Private Room with Double Bed R300 per night (Max 2 people)

Private cottage, own kitchen and 2 single beds. R700 per night.

(Max 2 people)


Self-catering kitchens are available.

Bursaries and discounts are available to POC, and previously and presently disadvantaged South Africans. 


I have taught this course to hundreds of students over the last 5 years in Mexico and Guatemala. A very accessible modality, as you don't need a massage table, and they don't take their clothes off. Can easily be done at festivals or while traveling.


This is the 10 day (2 week) foundation course as taught in the Chiang Mai tradition, which gives equal emphasis to working on stretches and energy lines. No previous experience necessary. This course will equip you to do a professional 90 minute to 2 hour Thai Yoga Massage in the back, side, front and seated positions.


Even though it is called Thai Massage, or sometimes Thai Yoga Massage, it is based on Indian Ayurvedic and Yogic systems of healing, and reached Thailand along with the spread of Buddhism, having originally been created by the Buddha's personal physician.


Thai Massage was always seen as a spiritual practice and not just a job. Until recently it was exclusively practiced in temples, and giving a massage is still considered to be a physical application of Metta, or "loving kindness". A good masseur performs the art of Thai Massage in a meditative mood, and starts with a meditative prayer to fully center themselves, and the healing they are about to perform.

The theoretical foundation for Thai Massage is partly based on the concept of invisible energy lines running through the body. They form a second skin or second body in addition to the physical body. It is along these lines that life-energy, called "prana" in India, and "chi" in China, flows to provide the energy to all our physiological systems and internal organs for optimum function. Good health is indicated by the free flow of this energy throughout the body. Not only physical well-being, but also mental and emotional well-being are subject to this flow of energy. Blockages in the energy flow develop due to many circumstances, internal and external; posture, diet, toxic environments and products, lack of exercise, and bad emotional and mental habits. Thai Massage works with two techniques, namely energy line (pressure point) massage and stretches. The second aspect is why it is sometimes called Thai Yoga Massage, as it resembles a yoga stretching session, but all the work is done by the therapist. Also called Yoga for Lazy People!


Thai Massage is done on a thin mattress on the floor. As mentioned the method includes pressure point work on energy lines similar to a shiatzu massage, and stretching of the limbs and torso, similar to what is achieved in yoga practice. The person receiving a Thai massage should wear loose fitting clothes with long sleeves. (Thai "fisherman's pants" ideal). The massage typically last for 90 minutes, but can be anything from 1 to 2 hours depending on the need of the client.



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