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           The Jewel in the Lotus

Energy Medicine and Self Mastery
                              25 February 2023

                     Sunset Beach, Cape Town

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This one day workshop explores the power of the Heart and Self Love, Self Healing and Self Mastery practices and philosophy in Tantra and Taoism and in Archetype and Shadow work.


~ Understanding the energy/chi field, “the mind of God” as Einstein called it, and the way our thoughts and emotions and stories influence our health and well being. The science of consciousness, “your biography becomes your biology.”


~ Self Love and the Seven Chakras - exploring how our programming and conditioning, our contracts and agreements with our tribe affect our lives. Calling back your power and spirit into each energy center in the body.


~ Medical qi gong and philosophy- and Taoist practices for clearing our own energy meridians, balancing our yin/yang qi, circulating heaven and earth qi, healing sound, and more.


~ Survival Archetypes and Shadow. Understanding how our basic survival strategies as presented in the archetypes of Child, Victim, Saboteur and Prostitute, have shadow aspects that may be hindering our progress, our health and well-being. Making the shadow conscious brings us an experience of our true power and joy.


Bring your own lunch. (There is a Woolies around the corner).


Please bring a notebook and pen. This workshop will have practical and physical exercises as well as theoretical aspects.


Workshop fee: R800

Booking:    0723379005

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