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Tok Sen

Tok Sen is an ancient folk medicine practice from the Lanna culture from Northern Thailand.  It uses a wooden mallet and rounded blunt wedge made from the Tamarind tree to knock rhythmically along the energy lines and muscles and tendons of the body. 


Tok means to strike or tap while sen refers to the meridian lines in the body. This is a treatment where your body’s lines and certain energy points are tapped with a mallet creating a resonating, healing vibration that’s meant to clear blocked energy and deeply relaxed your muscles and tendons. There is also a deeply hypnotic effect to the body and the mind produced by the rhythmic sensations and sounds.


List of benefits:

It is traditionally used to assist with mental problems and imbalances.

Relieves the effects of a stroke.

Helps people with insomnia

Releases hormones

Relieves pain by encouraging the brain to release a form of morphine.

Stimulates the body's self healing mechanisms.

Relieves: Back pain, sciatica, numbness of limbs and extremities, shoulder pain and frozen shoulder, neck stiffness.

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