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 Medicine Tantra &
   The Wheel of Consent

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Sunday 28 August, 12pm to 5 pm

Sunset Beach, Cape Town


Tantric healing techniques and protocols for therapists                                        and lovers


Consent is the key word for all bodywork.

The Wheel of Consent was designed by Betty Martin, herself a massage therapist, to explain clearly what happens when touch takes place, in the context of service and therapy and in the context of intimacy between lovers, and the clear distinction that should exist between the two.


Simple language protocols create safety and clear intent.  Phrases such as "may I?" And "would you?" 


These are important for any form of bodywork, (and absolutely crucial to any tantric or sexual healing practices), but also for navigating intimacy between consenting adults.


The "3 minute game" that is part of a Wheel of Consent workshop is a fun and safe way to explore, desires, boundaries and clear communication.


I will also be sharing some bodywork techniques from the Tantric and Taoist traditions, and pressure points used to release energetic, emotional and mental blocks.

R500 per person. Please bring something light to share for lunch.

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