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  • Hendrik van der Merwe


    Welcome to my personal website, and landing place for students and clients and those who want to get to know me and my work. I am still developing the music and sound healing page and will be offering guided meditation recordings soon.


    I am a therapist and teacher, but also just an ordinary person who followed his bliss; from wanting to be a human rights lawyer, then a psychotherapist, then sculptor and musician, before I found my central path in esoteric healing, bodywork therapies, yoga and meditation. My life work does include my passion for sacred sound, healing music and art..


    I have over 30 years experience as an energy healer and bodywork therapist, and for the last 9 years I have been giving training courses and retreats as part of my calling to share my knowledge and love for humanity with others.


    Inspired by my artist mother, a scholar of Carl Jung and Zen Buddhism, I pursued esoteric knowledge, yoga and meditation from an early age, and I started my formal training in Buddhist philosophy and meditation and Hatha Yoga at the age of 21, I later studied with two zen masters and received transmissions from Namkai Norbu, a Tibetan Lama of the Dzochen school. I took my first Tibetan Massage course, Taming the Tiger, while studying psychology at university, and subsequently trained in many massage and energy healing disciplines. My life and work is also strongly influenced by Advaita Vedanta, and the teachings of Shri Nisargadatta, as well as A Course in Miracles. I trained as a Sivananda Yoga Teacher, and have been a yoga teacher since 2002. I also work as a musician, sound healer and a conscious dance DJ/Facilitator.


    I founded the Ananda Healing Center in San Marcos Lake Atitlan in Guatemala in 2014, where I taught courses in Thai Massage, Chi Nei Tsang (Taoist Abdominal Massage), Reiki and Esoteric Healing over the last 5 years. I have now provisionally closed the center in order to travel and teach courses and retreats in other parts of the world, and to spend some time in my home country, South Africa.


    I combine various techniques and modalities to approach healing and personal growth in a holistic way. My yoga classes are focused on the harmony of the inner and outer asana and the free-flow of prana/chi, and are influenced by my zen and qi gong practice. My work as a healer is predominantly focused on releasing emotional and mental energy blockages and contractions and old cellular memories held in the body for deep and lasting healing and spiritual growth. After more than 30 years of working as a massage therapist and energy healer, my main focus is now teaching and offering Taoist abdominal massage - Chi Nei Tsang - restoring the function of the organs and intestines by releasing toxins and toxic emotions that are stored in the abdomen. In private consultations I often guide my clients through the unfolding and release of past emotions and traumas, and help them to reconnect with their true essence, call back power into their body and energy centers, and retrieve their soul path and purpose. I integrate deep tissue massage, Thai massage, esoteric healing and Reiki as needed by my clients, and offer emotional and spiritual guidance and counseling as an integral part of the session.


    Acceptance of the way things are is an important step towards self-love, and acceptance of yourself, and where you are at. Our physical ailments are messages and signs towards adjustments on the path, the soul calling us onward, and into alignment, awareness and presence. Offering a healing presence is about sharing feelings of support, oneness, togetherness, unity, love and freedom. True healing comes from within. Healers are just the "cleaning crew", with heart. Much of the training I offer is about the techniques, but the essence of my teaching is about learning how to read, feel, see, sense, play and work with the subtle and dense forms of energy that we are made of and exist in. As a therapist this knowledge and skill is invaluable, not only allowing you to do the healing work people so desperately need at this time, but also for you to manage your own energy field before, during and after healing sessions. For all people alive today this essential awareness of the way energy, especially mental and emotional energy moves and affects us, is fundamental to our evolution as a species.



    "There's nothing wrong with you that can't be fixed by what's right with you." Patrick Desplace (one of my core teachers.)



    As therapists, this really is the "wellness industry" we are in. Wound and scar healing is important, but also to go beyond healing to wellness. To see and know wellness, not just to be free of the symptoms of dis-ease, but enjoying the naturally ecstatic human condition, and the "bliss body". We are finding and expressing that space of wellness via many pathways. Yoga and meditation and creativity have always been crucial in my personal journey. And for me massage, music, dance, sound, play, creativity, ceremonies, prayers, and community living are all in themselves ultimately ways to, and expressions of wellness.



    The best healers are very often wounded healers. We learn how to heal ourselves and then share that knowledge with others. If you are interested in doing a training course with me, please read the blog entry entitled A Healer's Handbook for my insights into healing and the path of the healer/helper/therapist.



  • Chi Nei Tsang

    Taoist Abdominal Detox Massage

    Chi Nei Tsang, Abdominal Massage

    Chi Nei Tsang

    CNT detoxifies, restructures and strengthens the body. While focusing mainly on the abdomen, specifically the organs and intestines, the entire body and existence of the person are affected. All systems of the body are addressed, including lymphatic, digestion, respiration, nervous and reproductive systems as well as the immune system.


    CNT stimulates the internal organs to work more efficiently and helps correct postural problems resulting from imbalance in the abdominal area. Deep-seated tensions are released and vitality restored. The body resumes more optimal functioning.


    CNT helps people to grow and change by listening to their bodies. Pain and other symptoms are understood not as problems to be fixed but as messages to pay attention to. Such an approach brings about true healing rather than simply curing the symptoms.


    CNT helps people to balance their emotions. Unprocessed emotions are stored in the digestive system waiting to be addressed. Poor emotional digestion is one of the main reasons for ill health. Chi Nei Tsang allows emotions to unfold, making it possible for individuals to evolve and grow. Then your physical/emotional body is free to move beyond the effects of past emotional events and experience life more comfortably in the present


    The Taoist sages of ancient China observed that humans often develop energy blockages in their internal organs that result in knots and tangles in their abdomens. These obstructions occur at the center of the body's vital functions and constrict the flow of Chi (energy), our life-force. The negative emotions of fear, anger anxiety, depression, and worry cause the most damage. Problems can also be caused by overwork, stress, accidents, surgery, drugs, toxins, poor food, and bad posture.


    These sages discovered or believed that the internal organs connect with the forces of the universe and provide a link between the human microcosm and the universal macrocosm. The organs contain the essences of the spiritual force of a human being. They also provide the physical lines of force that hold the body together and give it structure.

    Chi Nie Tsang, Taoist Abdominal Massage

    Liver detox, Chi Nei Tsang


    When obstructed the internal organs store unhealthy energies instead of releasing them; they can then overflow into other bodily systems and surface as negative emotions and sickness. Always in search of an outlet, these negative emotions and toxic energies create a perpetual cycle of negativity and stress. If the negative emotions can't find and outlet, they fester in the organs or move into the abdomen, the body's "garbage dump". The abdomen can process some emotional garbage, but more often it can't keep up with the flow. The energetic center of the body located at the navel becomes congested and cut off from the rest of the body.


    Chi also moves through the body's internal channels, nervous system, blood vessels, and lymph glands. These systems concentrate and cross paths in the abdomen which acts as their control center. Tensions, worries, and stresses of the day, month, or year accumulate there and are seldom dispersed. These disturbances can cause physical tangling and knotting of the nerves, blood vessels, and lymph nodes. The result is the gradual obstruction of energy circulation.


    The Taoists discovered that most maladies could be healed once the underlying toxins and negative forces were released from the body. They developed the art of Chi Nei Tsang to recycle and transform negative energies that obstruct the internal organs and cause knots in the abdomen. Chi Nei Tsang clears out the toxins, bad emotions, and excessive heat or heat deficiencies that cause the organs to dysfunction.


    This method is suitable for any person who wants to experience a better level of health on a general physical as well as emotional level. Most digestive disorders are ameliorated, and the improvement of reproductive and sexual health is often found in the anecdotal evidence presented by practitioners, such as in the field of infertility and erectile function. It is easy to suppose that most common diseases stem from the malfunction of our vital organs and intestines.



  • Karsai Nei Tsang

    Taoist Genital Massage - Optional Conjunct to Chi Nei Tsang

    Karsai means "the sedimentation in the veins", and is a treatment aimed at clearing the sand-like crystalline deposits of toxins in the tissues and veins of the genital area. Chi Nei Tsang does some external abdominal work that addresses the reproductive system, the uterus, Fallopian tubes, ovaries, and prostate gland to some degree. Karsai Nei Tsang further focuses specifically on the blockages in the genital and groin area, especially concerning blockages that take the form of sedimentation in the veins, fatty deposits and other problems with the glands, lymph and blood circulation.


    In order to have healthy, functioning genitals we need a rich supply of blood flow. When this blood flow becomes blocked with crystal-like sedimentation and fatty deposits, the human sexual arousal response is greatly affected. With a poor flow of blood to the genital area men will often experience difficulty in getting and maintaining good erections. A woman's arousal also depends on a good healthy blood flow, and she might have difficulty in getting the proper swelling and production of sexual fluids, or experience contraction and pain during intercourse.


    Karsai Nei Tsang releases the blockages and sedimentation in the veins that cause poor blood flow. Good circulation will also assist the release of hormones, and a healthy balance of hormones will not only increase sexual vitality, but also brain and mental function. This treatment is therefore essentially beneficial to older people to maintain healthy sexual function and in preventing other problems of old age such as memory loss, back pain, poor circulation and problems associated with menopause.


    KNT is also very beneficial for anyone feeling blocked sexually, and can often assist in clearing energy and emotional blockages from a sexually repressive upbringing and/or past traumas and violations.

    Karsai Nei Tsang is an adjunct to Chi Nei Tsang and is an option for those who feel the need for work in the genital area. It is always preceded by a complete abdominal treatment. It could involve external work in the groin only, including lymphatic glands, or include internal work, for both men and woman. For women this could include the interior of the vagina, and rectum if requested or needed. The male treatment works externally on the scrotum and testicles, and. internally on the prostate and rectum. The muscle tension of the anal sphincter often represents control dramas and this energetic blockage can cause psychological problems and difficulties in relationships, as well as physical problems such as hemorrhoids, or rectal cancer.


    All work is done hygienically and performed with surgical gloves.


    Karsai Nei Tsang is not intended as a sexual massage, and does not focus on achieving sexual arousal and release, and is a purely therapeutic treatment of the tissues, muscles and organs and glands. The genital organs are typically neglected from our body-work therapies, and can store long held energetic blocks and deeply guarded emotions. KNT is not a “yoni, or lingam or tantric massage”. but has a similar result to de-armoring. . It is always preceded by an abdominal CNT session which helps to release emotional blockages and tone the entire physiological system.


    We don't realize that the reproductive organs are also designed to process different emotions, and sometimes need some help.


    As mentioned, KNT is specifically advocated for older people to counteract the effects of aging, and to prevent disease. It is also useful to those who feel blocked sexually, or those who experience a lack of sensation or painful sensations during intercourse, or those who have had sexual traumas and are unable to have normal sexual relations. It is normal for sexual feelings to arise during a treatment, but is not the goal, and the treatment is focused on achieving the general health of the reproductive system. It is a “medical” massage, and can be of great benefit, along with Chi Nei Tsang, when preceding any form of sexual healing or tantric healing work.


    ​Sexual energy is a very powerful healing agent in our lives. Our sexuality is deeply associated to our core identity and self expression. Sexual vitality is a sign of good health. Sexual energy blockages can cause many problems in our lives, both emotionally, mentally and also problems for our reproductive health such as endometriosis, fibroids, ovarian cysts, blocked or tangled Fallopian tubes, enlarged prostate, erectile dysfunction, low fertility, low libido, and irregular, painful or no menstruation.


    Protocol for a male therapist

    Female clients are encouraged to have their partner or a friend present during the session, or myself as a male therapist will provide a female therapist or space holder to be present during the session. The client needs to feel completely comfortable with the therapist and I personally only offer KST once I have worked with a client and completed Chi Nei Tsang sessions with them and established trust and clear boundaries and informed consent.. The benefit of working with a male therapist is that it also offers the opportunity to the client to heal their relationship with male energy in a safe and therapeutic environment.


    I am not a daka and do not have any personal involvement with the clients other than therapeutic massage, counseling and guided meditations.

  • Bodywork/Massage & Energy Healing

    Deep Tissue Massage

    Full Body massage

    Deep, gentle or strong pressure to alleviate muscle tension or muscle spasms. In the tradition of Sports Massage and Swedish Massage, this is the main body of my therapeutic practice over the last 3 decades. Incorporating pressure points/acupressure/trigger points and working on the meridians/energy lines to promote wellness, health and relaxation.

    Thai Yoga Massage

    YOga for Lazy people!

    A massage and healing tradition brought to Thailand from India, based on Yoga and Ayurveda and created by the personal physician of the Buddha, this method is based on two approaches: stretching the limbs and joints of the body, and massaging the energy lines and pressure points, similar to Shiatzu.

    Esoteric Healing/ Energy Healing

    Releasing mental and emotional Energy Blockages/energy balancing/Reiki

    Called Bio-energy by modern science, we exist in this field of electro-magnetic energy, and energy healing or energy medicine can assist in clearing energy blockages and restoring balance, harmony and wholeness. See the blog post on Energy Medicine.

  • Testimonials.

    Testimonials from Students

    Nina Gough: Incredible 5 day training course Chi Nei Tsang ( the engine room massage .... abdomen massage) all systems of the body are addressed .. lymphatic, digestion,respiration, nervous and reproductive ... stimulating internal organs to work effectively , deep seated tensions released and vitality restored. Thank u Zendrik Van Der Merwe for sharing your knowledge and guiding us in a deeper understanding of our internal channels. March 2019, SA.


    Jane Boyle What a fantastic life changing week I had. Zen you have such a gift for teaching so patient and present. I have learned so much and I have personally experienced healing at a deap level this week. I highly recommend this course. March 2019. SA.



    Claudia Reyhana Badrudeen I loved how Zen had the unique ability to make us so completely comfortable and at ease in our bodies. Also the meditation delivery was completely effortless and yet took us so easily into that meditative space. I really loved the course it brought up deep emotions and a wonderful clear out
    And I too highly recommend this course. March, SA.


    I just finished the course in Cape Town with Zendrik. It literally BLEW MY MIND!

    I usually don"t do anything when my period is due as am usually bedridden for two days: cant eat, can't speak, can't walk, let alone drive; I break out in a cold sweat and relief comes only when i literally conk out and wake up few hours later.

    I got my moon time on the course, and there I was driving all the way from Athlone to Fish Hoek; I experienced no cramps whatsoever; I could do all the things i usually can't when I'm on my cycle, and I could do it all, minus the brain fog, too. I felt amazing!

    I was amazed, too, at how easy CNT was to learn, and having a background -and 20 years' experience- in various kinds of massage, i could see how CNT would complement almost any modality.
    So, here I am, super excited and so grateful to you, Zen. Your energy carried us all through so beautifully and held the space so gracefully. Thank you so, so much and to the wonderful group of people present, too.
    Lastly, for anyone still doubtful of doing the course- just do it for YOU; you'll feel so good that you did. Athena Bubo. January, 2019.


    Louise Sterling. I have just completed the Cape Town Chi Nei Tsang course. I was looking for a modality that supports the release of deeply rooted unconscious emotional blockages - and this was definitely the effect of the treatments for me. Hendrick is a master of the technique (it is a privilige to watch him demonstrate) and has created a course that really equips students to practice the technique with confidence at the end of the 5 days. The course felt like a retreat - with a combination of deep releases from daily treatments while also acquiring the practical skills to use this technique with others. Thank you Hendrick. Highly recommended.


    Tara Lerner. This was a brilliant course. The facilitation was fantastic - Zendrick's transfer of knowledge flows with such ease. I can practice this technique with confidence, and my body has benefitted so much from the five days of attention: emotional and energy releases, less bloating and more energy. Much gratitude!


    Carmen Loureiro This work is powerful! I felt my abdominal organs being slowly switched on for more sensation, more aliveness, more health!!


    Clare Roy Maude Indeed a fabulous course... Zen draws from the wisdom of two original Thai instructors and shares their differences carefully... His course notes are clear & gives astute individual guidance.
    The treatment techniques are so effective, it feels fabulous to shed some muck in the process of learning a new technique... To unlock deeply held emotional issues, buried within the physical body.


    I am immensely grateful to Hendrik (Zen) for bringing this age old technique into my life...where its been spreading healing- love to my family and friends and into the community. For greater health to all! The course was phenomenal, to the point, and nourishing to the soul. With your music and sound healing still playing in heart. Hendrik has a quiet yet powerful approach to teaching Chi Nei Tsang with amazing gentle intuitive guidance. I felt rejuvenated and rejoice in what a blessing it is to share community living for the duration of the course. A powerful change in my life. Thank you. Alana, Cape Town, 2018.


    I'd been feeling a pull toward learning chi nei tsang for quite some time when I heard about Zendrik's course. Packed full of information and techniques, it was a week full of giving, receiving, curiosities, and transformations. I feel excited about offering this technique and have been given enough to know without a doubt I shall continue my journey with this healing modality. Zendrik has been knowledgeable with his instruction, consolidating years of practice and training with multiple teachers into one thorough and in depth course. I would highly recommend to those interested (previous therapeutic knowledge encouraged). This work is indeed needed in the world. Jasmine. USA


    Zendrik's Thai massage course was everything I could have hoped for. The 10 day course was split evenly so that the content learnt each day was manageable, making for very relaxed, easy going days. Zendrik himself is a fantastic teacher, taking time to explain each step very carefully, and always giving you his time and energy when needed. He always started each day with a different form of meditation, which I found to be very beneficial. Couldn't speak any higher of this course! Kristin Olds - Australia.


    Namaskar to all Hermanos and Hermanas ! my experience at Ananda Healing was very beautiful , the energies were inspirational , Meastro Zendrick teachings were filled with knowledge and wisdom , Zen is a experience practicioner that s been perfecting is art all around the world and gathering the best wisdom from the masters and sages , is a dedicated , patient teacher and i recommend all seekers to apply and invest your energies in the courses giving at Anada Healing center ,,, Blessing and long life to Zen ,,, Stephano Pandavas - Canada

    "My very first steps in energy healing I took at Ananda Healing Center in San Marcos, Guatemala, guided by the beautiful teachings of Zendrik. With his loving energy, he created a space in which I could fully let go of all my preconceptions I had about healing, and in which I could open up to let new knowledge in, life’s experience transferred by him, in a way for my newcomer mind to comprehend, yet still reaching profound depths within me. He opened up a whole new world and showed me a path of healing, the path I’m still following to this day. He was there at the start of my work as a healer. I hold a very special place in my heart for Zendrik, full of love and gratitude, and look back to my time at Ananda Healing Center with much joy and respect. Aho."
    Ricky van Meer. the Netherlands

    "The Chi-Nei-Tsang and Thai Massage Training of Ananda Healing Center have supported my healing journey and love for bodywork in a very profound and meaningful way. I am grateful for encountering this ancient techniques and for the the way in which Zendrik communicates its sacredness. Its a blessing to be part of a community of lightworkers commited to wellbeing evolution"

    Alicia Ruisanachez Rodriguez , Mexico.

    I did 10 days (50 hours) with Zendik, and this lovely people. Also the 5 days course -Abdominal Massage- was a rich experience for me. I am already practicing Thai Massage in San Marcos (for free), with volunteers, and the like what I have learned with Zendrik Van de Merwe. He it’s one of the most peaceful person I met (he will know what I am talking about) and we all will think may be for all our life to this 10 days experience… (I am not exaggerating) Go on Zendrik, trust in your work, your experience, all your love. Would have been good to meet you before…to grow and grow. He is also a very serious and deep musician, join him…
    Peter Mustafa, Germany (2014)


    After almost a week of practice I realised what a gift it is! I feel like I was given one of the best skills ever. Thanks Zendrik! Maciej Falski, Poland (2015)

    Araminta Barbour Thanks Zendrik Van Der Merwe for a deeply informative and practical course. Ive had incredible responses integrating CNT with my other tools and the profound emotional release that happens is humbling and beautiful. Highly recommended! (July 2014)

    Jacqueline Carrion Gracias Zendrik Van Der Merwe por haber tocado nuestras vidas con tus enseñanzas sigo compartiendo Chi Nei Tsang aquí en Vilcabamba y en cada toque estas presente Gracias por tus enseñanzas.

    Nashwa Odeh-Nasrala Thank you for bringing this healing energies to this island. Thank you for your dedication as a healer and teacher I feel honored to be your student 😀 inlakesh!

    Arktara Rachel Doing this course (Reiki and Esoteric Healing) a couple of years ago had a massive impact on my life, opened me up to feel energy and work with the gifts I didn't know I had. Highly recommended

    The Energy Healing course with Zendrik which included Reiki 1 and 2, Aura, Chakra Balancing, Generating and working with Chi, Acupressure, meditation, tuning, was extremely powerful and transformative. I came to class with some emotional personal distraction and thought I would not be open enough to receive and understand, but after first day of class and Reiki atunement, I was able to use it as my advantage and as my personal gift for learning and to practice my skills. I felt the class opened a door, a portal to new magical, beautiful healing reality I stood at the entrance for a while, not knowing where and how to enter. Zendrik delivered gentle guidance. He is amazing teacher in such a way he made the class to be free, open, easy to understand. I felt being supported by his higher wisdom, knowledge and patience. He created a wonderful space for all of us to learn, share and receive. I would highly recommend the class even if the intentions are not for practicing healing modalities on others but for gaining personal deeper spiritual knowledge, understanding and developing own power of healing. Gracias. Larissa Browning.


    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and the techniques in such a gentle and loving way. I feel empowered and renewed to continue to lovingly serve myself and the planet. With gratitude, Nicole Enns.


    What a profound honor and pleasure to be a student of your sacred gifts. This path has been calling me forward and there's no doubting that I was called to your specific teachings, your specific energy. I feel so blessed with gratitude for all that you've shared with us. Ananda Enns.

    I have attended yoga classes with Zendrik for a 8 month period in the past, prior to moving back to London. In that time I found him an excellent instructor, managing to incorporate the spiritual side of yoga practice with a practical program that he skillfully adapts to suit the clientele present. He has a following of students who attend regularly, and he is always punctual and consistently present. His level of consciousness and awareness is inspiring and his presence and energy are calming. At the same time he also manages to invoke a masculine sense of movement and strength in the room which his students draw on. I shall miss his classes.

    With thanks,

    Yours sincerely

    Dr. Samantha Scholtz MBChB MRCPsych

    Clinical Research Fellow, Metabolic and Molecular Imaging Group, MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, Imperial College London

    Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. South Africa, 2013

    I have done yoga with a number of different teachers over the past 12 years. Not only has Hendrik been by far the most competent and reliable of all my instructors, but his classes have also been the most relaxed and enjoyable, and I have derived great benefit from them. I have no hesitation in recommending him for any instructor's post you may offer.
    Yours truly
    Jenny Foster, 2013
    Made to Measure Computer Systems
    PO Box 203 Hoekwil 6538

    Hendrik has been my Yoga Instructor for two years. During my career I have been exposed to many tutors and Hendrik has really impressed me with his skills as an instructor. He is a wonderful instructor and has a lot to offer for any teaching post.


    Please feel free to contact me if you require any more information.


    Yours sincerely

    Mareta Bester

    Pilates Instructor

    +27 84 555 8275


    Referral Letters


    Health, Beauty & Wellness Spa At The Beach

    Tel: (+27 44) 877 1299 Fax: 086 521 5069 P.O. Box 122, Wilderness, 6560, South Africa

    Email: info@wildernesshydro.co.za Website: www.wildernesshydro.co.za



    To whom it may concern.


    Hendrik was employed by me as our resident yoga teacher, and freelance deep tissue massage therapist from December 2002 until March 2005 during my time as owner and manager of the Wilderness Hydro.


    His yoga classes were very popular and we had a lot of positive feedback from our clients concerning his massage treatments. I personally used him as a massage therapist as he was the best therapist on our books.


    Estée Jordaan.

    Testimonials from Clients

    Shaheer Sharief: So what you did (I think) was to open up a blockage that was accumulating so much energy that the pressure was so heavy and too much for me blocking my physically body from connecting with the bodies beyond the emotional body .. Thanks sooo much for that, it brought me back to connecting directly with Source and the whole of creation, for that I AM deeply grateful Dahab,2018.


    My first experience of Chi Netsang left me feeling energised, deeply connected and with an enhanced sense of wellbeing. I felt a sense of aliveness in my belly that I had not felt before in the same way, which deepened my sense of presence with myself and others. What a gift! With a combination of his centred presence, evident skill, energy awareness and extensive experience, Hendrik holds a powerful integrative space in which I could fully experience the massage and all that arose for me, without resistance. The abdomen is a vulnerable and potent area – I trusted Hendrik completely, and was able to move effortlessly through relief, release and even found relaxation through occasional discomfort. I found immense value in this modality, and will definitely invest in more of these sessions with Hendrik specifically. Highly recommended. Gabriella Garnett. Cape Town, 2019.


    Zendriks knowledge about the human body combined with his presence is really one of a kind. He created a sacred and safe place and really listened and understood what my body needed witch made this treatment very beneficial for me. Now my belly feels clean and my experienced level of stress in my daily life has dropped drastically witch I am so grateful for. This might be one of the best treatments I have ever given to myself. Thank you! Sara, Ibiza, 2018.


    There is boundless beauty in finding a space held so sacredly, so surely, with so much love, trust, and respect. One can release into themselves and allow for those pieces of the self to emerge with trust that it is safe. To feel so vulnerable, shades of the self that haven’t had contact for however long, can show themselves and be present to the healing space and release, if ready. I’ve now had two sessions with Zendrik, Receiving both Chi Nei Tsang and Kar Sai Nei Tsang in each. As a being with a history of sexual abuse, it is powerful and very vulnerable to work and massage the sexual organs and the abdomen. Zen held a space I felt I could trust and be safe to fully open in. To cry and call out as the tensions of the past made their way out of my tissues. I found his touch to be respectful, experienced, encouraging of energetic and emotional depths. Without hesitation, I would recommend a session with Zendrik. His therapeutic style seems to me gentle yet sure and open yet held. This work for me, was needed. I am grateful to have trusted my self. As well as Zendrik. Blessed journey all. Jasmine, San Marcos, 2018.

    "zen is a very powerful authentic and very experienced healer. He helped me physically a lot but also so much emotionally and spiritually. He has a very loving, compassionate and yet professional manner that made me feel safe and loved which allowed healing to come through. I recommend everyone have a session with Zen."
    - Lauren Michelle Cukierman ( August 2016)


    During my trip to Thailand in 2016, I had the opportunity to receive several Chi Nei Tsang and Karsai Nei Tsang massages from Khun Ni in Chiang Mai, one of the major disciples of Tao Master Mantak Chia. As I found it important to continue with this kind of treatment, I was very happy to meet Zendrik from Ananda Healing Centre in San Marcos during my trip in Guatemala in April this year (2017). Both therapies, based on ancient Tao knowledge, not only detoxifies and regenerates the body’s vital functions but also helps to get in touch with yourself in a very deep way and to release long stored unresolved emotions. We women carry the burden of a collective female pain-body. Since thousands of years we suffer pain caused by oppression, slavery, exploitation, sexual abuse,… . Moreover, some of us, like me, have also suffered sexual traumas during childhood. Over the years, I realized that the ‘western’ medical treatments and approaches have serious limitations in fostering a deep emotional and physical healing process that helps me to reconnect with my body and sexual energies in a loving-kindness way; they even had the opposite effect: they were re-victimizing me. While energy-based body work, such as these Toa based massage techniques, has very powerful healing effects in coming to terms with deep and stored emotions of guilt, angry and fear caused by this childhood trauma.


    The sessions with Zendrik, my first experience with a male therapist for this kind of massages, helped me to go to another level of my self-healing journey in a safe, trustful and respectful space. Zendrik has a unique healing gift to support you during and after the sessions in very professional and kind way, which helps you regaining trust in men. Each of my sessions in Thailand were a transformative journey though, the therapist offers little emotional support during the massage therapies. Whereas Zendrik, besides doing the technical part of the massage, guides you through the upcoming emotions, memories and experiences with meditation techniques which allows you to go deeper in your own healing process and make you feel safe throughout. I am very grateful to Zendrik for the profound and deeply realizing experiences which allowed me to release and move blocked energies with such care and for the compassionate and supportive follow-up chats.

    - Lieselotte, Belgium (May 2017)

    Zendrik is an exceptional healer. I had a few sessions with Zen for Chi Nei Tsang and Karsai Nei Tsang massage to clear blockages in my lower chakras that were preventing me from fully standing in my power, in addition to experiencing severe exhaustion and physical discomfort. I am an extremely sensitive healer. Because of this, I am hesitant to work with many practitioners since I tap into all of their "stuff". In addition to that, before meeting Zen I would have never felt comfortable enough to experience Karsai Nei Tsang massage, especially from a man, as I am healing through sexual trauma. Zen's energy is extremely pure and his professionalism made me feel safe and supported. He holds incredibly nurturing space for deep and lasting healing to unfold. In our session I was able to release emotional and physical blockages in the pelvic area that were really holding me back from fully expressing who I am. As the session progressed, I felt a reactivation of my pranic tube extending directly through the center of my body, through my pineal and my perineum. I experienced a profound connection to all that is, a deeper connection to my physical body and a culmination of my creative energy. As I lay on the massage table I felt my life-force energy increase and my physical strength return to me. After my sessions with Zen I feel much more present in my body and more energized in addition to greater alignment with my powerful and precious feminine nature. The positive effects of his work are palpable and his commitment to the healing arts is evident in everything he does. Zen is an extremely skilled, wise, intuitive and compassionate practitioner and is an asset to the San Marcos community.

    - Marisa. USA ( April 2017)

    "I’ve had multiple sessions with Zendrik on two different visits to San Marcos. The sessions have included both Chei Nei Tsang (abdominal healing) and Kra Sai (genital healing). Zendrik is a mindful professional that communicates clearly, keeps professional boundaries and carefully explains each type of healing modality to ensure that you are clear and comfortable with everything he does. He continues to check in with you during the session to be sure that you are completely comfortable at all times. It was also clear that if I was not comfortable at any time I could simply let him know. I never needed to but it was comforting to know that there was plenty of space for me to do so if needed. At each session I felt completely safe and cared for. Zendrik’s integrity and dedication to the healing of others is quite evident.


    My sessions helped to release emotions, old traumas and stories that were being held in my body. Through the sessions I was able to get in touch with parts of my body that were isolated and integrate them into a more wholesome way of living. I look forward to more work with Zendrik when I return to San Marcos! Zendrik is a master of this healing modality and I am deeply grateful that he is leading the way for this type of healing for both women and men. He is a gift to San Marcos and the world!"


    - Cherie, USA

    When I decided to visit the Lago di Atitlan (just for 3 days), I searched for Mayan witch- doctor. I needed to connect with my woman power, because I was in pure men power from my childhood.

    “To be a boy is easier”, I thought for very long time J


    I was sad and unhappy, my head and mind wanted to witch-doctor, but no-one was there for me. After very strange and cold night we were sitting on terrace again, while I saw a little God messenger of joy, the green hummingbird. Every was totally different than my ideas.

    This was THE MOMENT, when I determined to receive Chi Nei Tsang from Zendrick.


    I won’t lie you. This massage is painful, but is really deep and powerful (if you are ready for transformation) too.


    When I left Zendrik house I was sitting on the Lago dockside, watching this magic water and smiling. My mind was totally calm and bright.


    Next two three days were difficult, Zendrick worked really deep and thoroughly. My body needed sleep and rest. I compared it with surgery. Yes, the Chi Nei Tsang is energetic surgery. But now I am totally different! I am FINALLY in woman energies!

    Skirts and dresses are my best friend now.


    Thank you Zendrik!

    Thankful Mikaela, Czech Republic

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