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Chi Nei Tsang & Somatic Bodywork
Training Retreat

Durban, KZN
2 - 6 October 2024

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This 5 day course is the foundation training for the ancient Taoist abdominal massage that addresses the underlying causes of most of our physical and emotional problems - energetic blockages and congestion in the organs and intestines, including unprocessed trauma and unexpressed emotions held in the body.

CNT can restore the function of the organs and bring about a reversal of chronic ailments, both physical and psychological, assisting in emotional detoxing and even major catharsis of long held traumas. Anxiety and depression can be greatly alleviated, as well as any issues with digestion and reproductive health.

Typically women experience a relief from irregular or painful menstruation, and in many cases CNT has assisted couples having difficulty with fertility.

We hold all our unprocessed emotions in our bellies, and energetic cysts may form in our organs and intestines when this is compounded by stress, bad posture, bad breathing habits and diet, and lack of exercise.

Attending this training also allows the student practitioner to experience the full benefit of this deep healing journey through physical and emotional regeneration.

The training includes other aspects of somatic therapy such as understanding how some of our contracts and agreements, and our attitudes, relationships and responses to childhood traumas may undermine our own personal power.

Energetic blockages in the 2nd and 3rd chakras affect our self esteem and confidence, our ability to feel comfortable in our own bodies, issues with intimacy and bonding, and general well-being.

This is the 'engine room massage', and deals with what the Taoists call the 'lower brain' - Tantien.

Our immune system is largely a function of gut health, and 75% of serotonin, the happiness hormone, is manufactured in the gut.

We will also be briefly looking into the shadow aspects of The Helper and Wounded Healer archetypes, and how to prevent burnout so common in the helping professions, including energetic hygiene.


As a somatic bodyworker, energy healer and massage therapist with over 37 years of experience, CNT is my most often requested modality by clients, and my preferred way of addressing the real causes of our physical and emotional problems. I share with my students my unique way of combining my knowledge of the emotional and physical body to bring about a lasting change in the lives of their clients.

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Limited space avaiable - max 6 students

Cost of training R5000
Early bird discount R 4500 (book by 2 September)


This is a foundation course and accessible to those who don't have experience in massage, although previous massage or somatic therapy experience is recommended. You will learn how to help the organs and intestines regain their proper function, allowing the body to heal itself, and to assist your clients (family & friends) in releasing emotional blockages and experience a better quality of life.

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