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 Thai Massage Course

Learn the art and science of Thai Massage in this professional 10 day training course. Based on Indian Ayurvedic and Yogic systems of healing, this form of body massage reached Thailand along with the spread of Buddhism.  Thai Massage was seen as a spiritual practice and until recently was exclusively performed in temples. Giving a massage is still considered to be an application of Metta, or "loving kindness".
The theoretical foundation for Thai Massage is partly based on the concept of energy lines running through the body. It is along these lines that life-energy, called "prana" in India, and "chi" in China, flows to provide the energy to all our physiological systems and internal organs for optimum function. Good health is indicated by the free flow of this energy throughout the body. Not only physical, but also mental and emotional well-being are subject to this flow of energy.


Thai Massage is similar to Shiatzu, in that it works on pressure points along the meridians or energy lines, but also includes stretches. The second aspect is why it is sometimes called Thai Yoga Massage, as it resembles a yoga stretching session, but all the work is done by the therapist. Also called Yoga for Lazy People!

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