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Self Mastery in Zen, Tantra and The Tao


One day workshop - Self mastery and self healing in zen, tantra and the Tao.

Join us in a day of self study, self inquiry and self mastery.


Self mastery and manifesting your preferred reality is not complete without a look at the subconscious, shadow aspects and negative beliefs.


Discover ways of turning your stumbling blocks into stepping stones, your life experiences into fertilizer for personal growth, and your search for meaning into a personal practice.


- Self love & the 7 chakras

Understand how we lose personal power in each of our energetic centres through traumas, agreements and contracts, and learn how to regain, reclaim & call back your power using the power of the coherent heart.


- Archetypes and Shadow

Explore the essence of Jungian archetypes & the shadow aspects of our survival strategies where much our personal power lies hidden. Reclaim, regain and restore your inherent knowledge of who you are and your sense of self.


- Tantra & the Tao

Tibetan tantra & Taoist philosophy and practices for vitality and well-being. The circulation of heaven and earth chi in your own body-mind is a pre-requisite for dual cultivation with a partner.


-Ch'an / zen & non duality

Beyond method and practice.
Simplicity and ease – the non-arising of concurrent causes.
Thou art that.


Venue: The Greenhouse, Knysna
Cost: R750

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