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Introduction to Wata Flow

Wata Flow Workshop
Calitzdorp Hot Springs/Spa
25 April 2024

Wata Flow is a therapeutic practice done in warm water,

using flotation devices on the legs, allowing the recipient to

float while their head and upper body is supported

by the practitioner. 

Applying gentle pressure to massage and stretch the body

allows the release of tensions and contractions

in a weightless environment.

This experience can also stimulate memories of

being in the womb. 


We use nose clips and  after a period of

establishing comfort and trust, some of the exercises

include held breath, submersion and underwater movements.

This practice can also assist in healing traumatic birth memories

and fear of water.

Cost of workshop: R650 per person

R1000 per Couple

The workshop will include learning the basic techniques on each other

and an individual session with Zendrik.

Feedback from someone who received a session;
"The Wata Flow therapy was something i will remember for a long time. I have never experienced anything like it. It felt as if I was in my mother's womb. The weightlessness of the body, the warmth of the water, the movements, all of it was deeply nourishing and relaxing.
I felt my heart opening, and my nature softening, as if i was healing on a cellular level.
For weeks after I felt at peace and balanced."

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